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Media & Solutions

At Blkbirds, we do not ask ourselves about profit sheets and ledgers and invoices. We ask ourselves about the product, and how it can be made better, sold better, marketed better. It is our passion for excellence and perfection in every aspect of our work that sets us apart from the crowd.

How we’re different

Sorts of services provided

Blkbirds mainly focuses on cryptocurrency related ventures, but also provides UI/UX, design, content creation, video editing and Web3 development services at affordable costs and better turnaround times than other agencies.

Clients we’d love to work with

We focus primarily on clients who can commit to long term work, but also handle the occasional contract-based job. Strongly motivated clients with good product vision and an expansion plan are always welcome.

Sounds good? Awesome. Let’s get started.

Let's get started

From the minds at, Scouts is a new program which helps us drive more sales, reach more clients and make our services available to people who are looking for excellent work done at a reasonable cost.

Scouts: What is it?

Blkbirds Media

An agency that’s focused on delivering great results across a wide array of services, Blkbirds is your go-to team for growing, sustaining and marketing your product.


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